Waste Rubber Recycling Process

Recycling Plants

mulino-granulatore1Waste Rubber Recycling Process

Production plants

The complex production plants are composed of advanced technologies for the continuous production of recycled granules or powders.
The pool of companies makes at the moment available 4 plants from which you can obtain the following production quantities:
25.000 tons of Crumb Rubber Modifier (CRM)
10.000 tons of Grinding Dust

The plants were supplied from TIRES S.p.A. and allow to obtain the highest qualitative standard world-wide recognized.

In the “technical specification” you will have at your disposition the whole production range.


polverizzatoreThe pool of the companies get a wide and covered warehouse, where they are more than 24 typologies of different granulometric productions, divided for colour, for every needs of the re-use market.

The packaging of the material can be realized in several solutions:
Packaging in Big Bag of 2 mc
Packaging in Big Bag of 1.5 mc
Packaging in polyethylene sacks of 25 kg on pallets of 1.300 kg
Packaging in paper sacks of 25 kg pallets of 1.300 kg*
*for shipments by sea with special sack and pallet size fumigated and certified.

To quickly fulfil to the required orders, the unsold stocks represent the entity of 1.600 tons of product, which is monthly handled and it is replaced with new material of monthly production.