Construction floor soundproof rubber
Building Insulation

range production soundproof rubber granulate

Building insulation is the line dedicated by Prismi for the installation of soundproof systems for building in civil and industry.
The production range is accompanied by two products with high flame retardant characteristics that allow a very reduced price to be applied during installation compared to industrial materials of the same use. We have two product on range by floor and wall application
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Construction Building new house in AQUILA 2009 after earthquake using floor acustic insulation

materiale in deposito per fono edilizia cantiere
construction site with rubber material
fornitura gomma fono assobente per ricostruzione acquila
building under construction
posa gomma fono acustica colata in opera
laying of soundproofing rubber in place
FLOORSAFE-1035 gomma ignifuga per ediliza
rubber granulate for floor flame retardant

Vulcanized Rubber Granule not coming from POST-CONSUMPTION Suitable for laying on floors for soundproofing by means of polyurethane binder
Flame resistance

Light stability
95 %
Abrasion resistance
97 %
WALLSAFE-0515 gomma ignifuga per ediliza
rubber granulate for wall flame retardant

Vulcanized Rubber Granule not coming from  POST-CONSUMPTION Suitable for spray installation as cement mortar for acoustic insulation of dividing walls
Flame resistance

Light stability
90 %
Abrasion resistance
90 %
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