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Prismi is one of the main suppliers of rubber granules in the world for the sports, recreational, gardening, athletic and industrial sectors.
Present on the market in 33 countries, Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and America, we offer ecocompatible products for the future in the Green Circular Economy

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We are building sustainable future with green rubber

why us

The best in the infill for synthetic grass

Over 20 years in the sector with thousands of supplies of infill granules for artificial turf sports fields. Eco-friendly, eco-compatible products with high performance characteristics

The promoters of playgrounds poured in place since 1993

Not only the supply of rubber granules for the substrate and surface, but also the experience in a sector where the different application constantly requires specific technical advice to determine the appropriate quantity for the thickness and quality for the color.

1990-2020: thirty years of green vision!

We are the advocates of many "Green" applications existing on the world market today; the new mission after studies, tests and supplies conducted since 2007 will be in civil noise insulation with products for the installation of Flame retardant rubber granules suitable for mortars on civil homes.



Our products for synthetic grass, poured in place, bark for mulching, dusting for bowls - colored rubber granules


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A world tomorrow,
green for everyone


Sustainable development is the mission of Prismi supporting product application initiatives to help the environment and promote responsible growth for the community.
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