SBR EPDM colored rubber granules for sports surfaces infill synthetic grass, cast in place, bark garden mulch


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Prismi and sustainability production of colored rubber SBR and EPDM granulated

A great commitment of our company in producing eco-sustainable materials. Since 1990 we have been committed to finding applications in the rubber sector with production scraps from Italian manufacturing industries. Over the years we have managed to achieve fantastic goals in the innovation of products for use in different environments both for sports surfaces, anti-trauma cast on site, bark for mulch use for gardens and in the construction field.

Application Sectors of colored SBR and EPDM rubber granulate: bark garden mulch, rubber poured in place, infill synthetic grass

Many applications are shown here for example of our foresight. In the field of sports surfaces such as the production of infill granules in SBR rubber for synthetic grass in both green and brown colors. In the construction of a playground by providing colored granulates for the casting finish as well as for the substrates. In the field of horse riding with SBR and EPDM granulates to offer training safety and competition performance for horses and jockeys. In the laying of the Athletics tracks with specific products for the various construction models with sandwitch or paver. In gardening with colored synthetic bark for garden mulching, creating fantastic and maintenance-free landscape effects. In parachuting with elastic material with a grnulometric shape perfect for anti-trauma both on round landing strips and on training fields. Finally, sustainable construction in solving the acoustic problem with granulated products and rubber dust with high noise absorption capacity.