Powder of rubber

The objective of this work has been to characterize the acoustic behavior in situ of bituminous mixtures that contain rubber dust coming from tires out of use incorporated by different methods. The mixtures have been extended in various experimental test sections of 200 m length on the B-140 road in Barcelona. The experimental sections have been paved with a tread layer about 3 cm thick with a discontinuous M-10 type microagglomerate mixture (according to the Spanish name). The acoustic measurements, sound of tire / pavement interaction in proximity, were carried out with a semi-anechoic chamber trailer called TiresonicMk4-LA2IC. Sound levels and spectra have been assigned to each test section and have been compared with a reference surface that does not contain rubber dust. These results have been correlated with the texture values. This work presents the effect on the reduction in the noise emission of the addition of rubber powder to the discontinuous bituminous mixture M-10