Spreading Rubber Infill

Spreading Rubber Infill for artificial turf used as an impact absorber to increase the security on soccer fields. The rubber granules are made from secondary raw material with special process to change the color into a green or brown surfaces. The base rubber is selection of NBR rubber with no toxicology result.

Tyre recycling Machinery and full plants

Our group is the first Italian pole of the recovery of end of life. One of the branches of the group TIRES S.p.A. designs and builds machinery for the recovery of tires and complete lines of recycling. The latest technologies for recycling tires at the end of life consist in the production of a shredder in class 1 high energy efficiency (106 kg / kw) and Granulators for producing high-performance chips 18 mm (20 kg / kw). These innovations allow you to recoup your investment in the short term compared to the usual equipment on the market. Visit the website for more information www.tiresspa.com

Granular Infilled

Rubber Granular infill are used for synthetic lawn to compare performance of natural soccer field. The property that receive the football pitch is near at prestational play on the natural field. The rubber Granular are coated in different colour as Green or Brown.

Football Ground

Infill machine with green rubber infillFootball Ground actually use artificial grass for similar performance on the old field. To compared the natural soccer, normally used the rubber grains as infill to take up the pile of the synthetic lawn. Other the elasticity of rubber granulate are used for shock absorber and no planing situation.

Ecologic Infill

infill rubber PAH free The rubber granules use as ecologic infill for artificial turf. Do you know the possibility of using an infill not coming from used tires? We have this ecological product. Choose the color and characteristics you prefer! According FIFA one and two stars requirement.

Playground Rubber Mulch Landscape

Term of  Rubber mulch is used to identify material for safety surfaces for playgrounds, kindergartens, according to the characteristics UNI1177. Rubber mulch also used in Garden Decorative as Bark material. Prismi srl producing this type of product now available in different colors such as: Red, Green, Blue, Brown, Black and new White!

Urban Mood decoration

State of art application in Urban viability as decorative product