campo usurato con granulo gomma scuro

Since the beginning of the 2000s, the installations of artificial turf fields have grown exponentially.
Unfortunately, like all materials, they are destined to wear out both for atmospheric agents and for the intensity of the game.
The case study that we represent here is based on the recovery of a soccer field built for about 10 years.
One of our faithful installers together with our support decides to install the Ecolmix product after having brushed the synthetic field well

The endeavor was difficult because the fibers of the grass filaments were very crushed but he did not lose heart and subsequently began to re-clog the synthetic field.
After the first infill pass, the owner who observed the work interrupts him and calls him on the sidelines to watch what was happening.
The owner and the installer are moved to see a miracle that no one could imagine and feel compelled to send us the photo of the result

campo rigenerato con intaso verde chiaro
The restoration work is gradually ending and the result can be fully appreciated at the end of the works.
campo rigenerato con intaso verde chiaro
Infill machine with green rubber infill
campo rigenerato con intaso verde chiaro