Deconstructed garden? Garden Rubber the solution!

what do with decorative bark rubber mulch in garden

 The beautiful season begins and your garden is out of step with the times. Is the neighbor there to spy on the degradation? Prismi has the solution! With a minimum expense and with your great passion we can offer you the decorative solution with our Garden bark Rubber line in different colors. Through this innovative Mulch you will eliminate forever the annoying weeds in your planters giving a touch of color that will make your Patio exclusive. Finally a Landscape as a gardening cover!

riacimento pacciamatura


An infill gone bad!

Vegetable infill was not enough to give problems … someone thinks of copying it with rubber by inserting short buffing strips from colored tires as infill.
Not only the problem of the color that quickly turned black, but also the complaint of many mothers with socks skewered with filaments that clogged the washing machines.
Not even two months after installation we had the opportunity to replace it infill gone bad with our compliant product for the happiness of families and the parish.

campo calcetto manutenzione
reintaso erba sintetica

replace sbr infill that lose green color after two month


A play area for children.

We know well that our wives are looking forward to going shopping, leaving their children on Saturday afternoon full of euphoria.
A Tennis club after having already used our product on their multipurpose tennis synthetic grass pitch, has well thought of purchasing our safety Play Rubber production
range to build an ground area equipped for the little ones in the near garden adjacent to the fields.
For the happiness of the dads everyone finally got their own fun: children in the playgrounds and parent on the field with friends.

gomma colata parco giochi

safety rubber ground near tennis club